Full Browser 1.1

Source:Verse Software

This super fast and simple browser allows you to access FULL VERSION of EVERY website. You can browse a more advanced version of Facebook, Youtube, Google, Yahoo - just like on your PC or Mac. Simply copy and paste the URL to the address bar or type it, or type a keyword into address bar to search for a website using Google. The built-in browser will automatically open the full version of a website, NOT the dumbed-down mobile version.

Full Browser supports Flash (you must have Adobe Flash installed on your phone, if you're unsure if you have it, search for "Adobe Flash" in Android Market and install it) so you can watch full version of Youtube videos. It also supports zoom - you can use pinch gesture to zoom in and out on a website.

*Type the address of the website you want to open in full version
*Click GO or "Search" button on your phone's keyboard
*Double-tap the address bar to select the current address. Type something to remove current address.

With this app you can access:

* Full version for Facebook (Facebook Pro, Facebook Touch, Facebook Advanced and so on)
* Full version for Google
* Full version for Youtube (Youtube Touch, Youtube Pro)
* Full version for Twitter
* Full version for Myspace
* Full version for Deviantart
* Full version for Tumblr
* Full version for Yahoo
* Full version for Blogger
* Full version for Wordpress
* Full version for Live
* Full version for Msn
* Full version for Linkedin

...and millions of other websites!

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